The Coming of Age: 21st Birthday Party Ideas

It’s only a few months until I hit the big twenty-one, an age that not only allows me to legally drink in most countries, but also marks my entrance into adulthood.

With many girls I attended high school with already achieving this right of passage I’ve gathered a pretty good idea on what different personalities look for when they’re throwing a party.

Call me old fashioned but I have always believed passing the age should be done in class – not with your boobs hanging out leaving little to the imagination.

But if that suits your personality I guess why not celebrate being who you are (..even if that means your breasts account for most of your individuality). While my 21st plans are already prepared I had researched extensively before deciding what would be appropriate for me.

What I think most women lack at this stage if their lives are suggestions for different ways to celebrate. So I’m providing you all with suggestions on what to wear and what to do for your 21st depending on your personality.

Party, Party, Party!


Waking up to the news of Miley Cyrus turning 21 had the world awaiting the much anticipated photos of her birthday bash (Which it appears was postponed). So in honour of all things Miley we’ll begin with Party girl. Like I said if that is who you are there is nothing wrong with embracing it.

Location wise the best place to hold it would be a city club with plenty of music, dancing and drinks available.

If you’re located in Sydney I would suggest Ivy night club for a fancier night out and a great range of music. Or if you’re a club hopper best way to go is by heading straight to Kings Cross.

Getting a hotel would be handy, not only for preparing yourself beforehand, but also for pre-drinks and a place to crash when your feet can’t take anymore.


You’ll want to stand out, so selecting a bold colour or print could do the trick (that or leaving little to the imagination with a jaw-dropping dress). Suggestion: If you’re sending out invites strictly advice other girls not to wear the same colour. It will ensure no one will be dressing the same way!

Traditional 21st

So my view on a traditional 21st birthday involves hiring out a hall and inviting a load of friends and family. What is a traditional 21st birthday you may ask? If, like myself, you come from a giant Italian family you will know what it consists of. If not, just picture ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ without the minister. It’s great for all those family members that your parents will want to invite.

You’ll need:

  •  A giant hall or backyard.
  • a DJ or a great sound system
  • round tables so family and friends can be seated together (so to avoid those awkward conversations with people you don’t know)
  • a good selection of food and drink.
  • These are great for big families that love to celebrate, and can be a great way for everyone to enjoy the night.


With these kinds of events the birthday girl usually dresses in formal like attire. Grab a ‘21st birthday girl’ sash, a great pair of heels and a killer dress. If you don’t want to go too dressy a nice cocktail dress will do the trick. Considering family would more than likely be present, the night shouldn’t be about baring all – so be aware of how much skin you’re showing.


Fancy Dress


If you are into getting dressed up and wild why not go for a fancy dress or themed birthday party. Personally, I find this is a more traditional approach to 21st Birthdays, It’s a timeless option and people usually theme them around their career, name or personality. It’s just a great way to get people dressed up and having fun.  Selena Gomez, who turned 21 in July, held a gypsy themed party at her beach house in Malibu. A list of celebrity friends including Nina Dobev (shown above) and Ashley Benson got into the spirit of the event by dressing up, proving fancy dress is fun and appropriate for all ages.

Venue wise, a function room or house party is the way to go. I wouldn’t be going to a club dressed up unless it’s Halloween – Chances are they won’t permit you entry into the club



This is probably the easiest 21st idea to cater for. Create a theme that relates to you and you will already have what you want to wear in mind. If you don’t, it’s as simple as picking your favourite character, person or even creating something totally out of the ordinary to suit you.

Here are some generic theme suggestions to get you started:

  • Disney
  • Heroes and villains
  • First letter of your name (for example; dress up as anything beginning with the letter ‘E’)
  • Decade theme (Make it the decade you were born for a little more fun)
  • Pirate
  • Career related theme
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Gatsby


Classy Dinner

When you’re not into the drunken nights and you don’t feel like entertaining a large audience, what is a girl to do? Have a 21st dinner.

Venue-wise try out your favourite restaurant, or if you’re up for a change check out any place that does a set menu. Be aware some places do have a minimum spend, so if you’re not planning on inviting plenty of people I wouldn’t suggest going there. Be sure to read up on reviews for any restaurants you haven’t been too, I would also suggest popping in for a coffee before making any real commitments.




Think: Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. She was elegant yet not overdressed, she chose a simple white dress paired with red lips to create a statement. Having a birthday dinner means class, so this is your chance to be the belle of the ball. What it comes down to is who you are, and what you feel comfortable in. You can go cocktail or all out with an elegant dress, if you’re not a dress person go for a jumpsuit or pant suit (al la lorde at the 2015 Golden Globes).


Suggestion: If I could whisper a single word to you right now it would be ‘Galanni’. They’re dresses are stunning and each collection has it’s own style, so there is something to suit everyone. If budget is not a worry I would highly consider one of their dresses to complete your night.


For all of the above be sure to consult your closest friends for advice, and most of all remember this is your night, so embrace the moment and have fun.

Keep it classy,

P.S. You can read the blog about my 21st dinner here!


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