Blow Your Dreams Away With Me


That typical birthday photo – because the only photos we gain from birthdays are either totally flattering or inhumane and should not see the light of day.
Thankfully this is a night I shared with close friends and family at my 21st birthday last month. In my fabulous Galanni dress I felt as though I was walking through a glistening palace in preparation for a ball (oh I can only dream!).

21 is such a strange number, I guess to a lot of people it is the right of passage to a world of drinking and partying. However, I have to say I reached that vision at 18. Unlike some people my age, I’ve been through the partying stage (that didn’t last that long mind you..) and found my ground back where I began.Image
To be honest some of us need to experience the party side to understand it’s not who we really are. The idea of partying is illustrated to us in such a fun, energetic way through social media. But the realities of it only hit when you’re standing at a club surrounded by sweaty, drunk guys oblivious to who they are dancing with, and you realise you would much rather be at home dancing to a One Direction clip with your sister than be here.

That’s when it hits you.

You’re old.

…No not really, more of a lady than anything. So for my 21st I organised a family filled event. Surrounded by the people I love, I made a toast to the wonderful night that lay before us and thanked the world for allowing me to be where I am now.

Being a hopeless romantic and all, the time of the night came to blow out candles and as always, I make a wish. As a child I have always held close to the idea that birthday wishes contain the most magic. So my 21st  birthday night was no different, and as the stars hung in the air I drew from their power and made my wish.

So I was thankful, for my life, my dreams and lay in hope of many, many more opportunities to keep moving forward.

Here’s to life!

– E


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