March 7th, 2018

The age-old tradition of running from our problems or fears is all too familiar. The running we seem to batter an eyelid over are the things that make us whole. Joy, love, emotion and potential versus heartache, horrible truths and little lies.

Whether we choose to deny it or embrace it, these emotions scare us and leave us in fight or flight mode.

Did you know that when we run, we never have both feet on the ground at the same time? The security of having two feet on the floor, the sense of security we are searching for is unattainable while running.

By running, we attempt to leave behind our problems, but what we don’t see, because we are too busy looking ahead, is our feet leaving the safety of the ground anyway.

One foot in front of the other.

The one thing that will take us places.

We leave our footsteps in the sands of this earth. The most natural function we developed from such a young age.

So we put one foot in front of the other, but we do it fast enough so that the problems behind us disappear.

We retreat from the unfamiliar and run towards our comfort zones the way we know best. In doing this, we fail to see what we abandon.

What if one day we were to leave? if we were to run faster than ever before? If an emotion or feeling so life changing overwhelmed us in a way we never saw possible.

If by running in the most familiar direction, we turned our backs on the hurt and the heartache that is sure to come.

What if I was to run, but he wouldn’t let me go. Is it still leaving if he insists on running with you?  It’s all we want, to find someone willing to put up with the chase.

I want someone to see me running and to stop me, after seeing the pain they’re inflicting. To see how empty their world is without me in it, and to know that for every second that passes when I’m gone, life is a little more ordinary than it was before.

Am I ever going to stop running? Or are you going to stop watching me leave?


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