Rainy Nights

There is an amazing power in the rain.

The heavy falling drops that cleanse all in its path.

After an emotionally exhausting week I noticed the clouds overshadowing the sun that had been perched strongly above me for so long.

When the light disappeared I began to feel more comfortable in my Snuggie and a tub of Nutella. After wallowing in my chocolate induced sorrow I opened my window seeking a breath of fresh air.

Through the loud pounding in my mind I managed to absorb the uplifting scent of the rain.

Artists use it to channel sadness in stories and music, farmers rejoice when it sprinkles life over their crops, while others hibernate away from its icy touch.

Rain is abundance, as we endure hardships and obstacles that seem to bring our walls crashing down.

Not lucky enough to be surrounded by a rainy night, visit http://www.rainymood.com/ for some soothing rain tones.

Image via hqdesktop


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